Sunday, April 29, 2012

Makerbot - Getting Better Adhesion

P1420812-Print Warping and Curling_web
Warping and Curling
I was struggling to get some large parts with small features to stick to the build platform since I installed a Z-Axis minimum probe.  The height of the head was too perfect and objects that extended near the border of the heated build platform were curling up due to a lack of adhesion.  Since installing the Z probe, overall quality of my prints and the accuracy in the height of the object has gone way up.
The lack of adhesion was driving me nuts, but I have since created a SkeinForge profile that "smooshes" the first layer to achieve better adhesion.  This could cause a problem if the object needs to be a certain height, but for my current project, the overall height didn't matter.
If you are struggling with prints pulling away from the HBP without a raft, or having adhesion problems try the following SkeinForge settings after the jump

SkeinForge Settings:
Craft > Bottom > Altitude (mm): 0.05  //This will set how high the head will raise before starting the bottom layer//

//These settings will slow down the application of the first layer allowing everything a better chance to stick//
Craft > Raft Object First Layer > Feed Rate Infill: 0.3
Craft > Raft Object First Layer > Feed Rater Perimeter: 0.3
Craft > Raft Object First Layer > Flow Rate Multiplier: 0.3

Below you can find some examples of the difference in print quality

Normal 20mm test print with default slicing profile:

P1420818-Print Warping and Curling_web
Note the deffinition of each line
P1420816-Print Warping and Curling_web
Note the lack of a "skirt"

Smooshed 20mm Print:

P1420819-Print Warping and Curling_web
Note how each line is smooshed into its neighbor
P1420815-Print Warping and Curling_web
Note the "skirt" flaring out from the bottom edge





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