Saturday, February 25, 2012

Printable E2 Paper

simpleasymmetric (1)
E2 Paper!
For all you nerdlings out there that cut your engineering teeth on E2 paper and can't think without a pad of it in front of you, all hope is not lost when you scratch through that last page on the pad!
Kevin McLeod has created an awesome web page for making all sorts of grid paper from E2 to polar to circular gird paper.  I have no idea why I would want circular gird paper, but it's yours for the creating.
I used up the last of my E2 paper and needed to do some serious thinking about a DC electrical system for a sail boat.  I too thought all was lost.  Fortunately I found Kevin's Asymmetric Graph Paper Generator.  Using the following settings, you can create a pad of E2 that shows through the back of the paper almost like the real thing:

  • Grid line weight: .5
  • Bold: 2
  • Horizontal Size: .2 inches
  • Vertical Size: .2 inches
  • Bold Every: 5 lines
Happy nerding.
Also, Kevin's got a bunch of royalty free music and calendar generators.  


  1. Nice! My company has some faux E2 that doesn't seem to cut it; lines are printed on the front. Let me know if you want a review on the DC system.

  2. Oh hells yes, I'd like someone else to look at my DC plan. It is totally unencumbered by the thought process and any real knowledge of engineering or electricity.


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